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Sugarloaf Mountain hike

Who We Are

Itaway Ecotours was founded in 2018 by two best friends. We share an immense, deep-rooted love for nature and, above all, the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings. Thus, Itaway came to be—a Brazilian tour agency born as a result of this profound passion. What we do is also founded on a vision for the whole world to truly know, see, and experience Rio.

One traveler and outdoor enthusiast at a time, we give each person an authentic experience of Rio through the lens of top-notch tour guides, unforgettable memories, and the finest guided tours in Rio. Hence, we invite you to:

Know Rio

Located in the southeastern part of the tropical zone of South America, Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful urban tropical city in the world! A trip to Rio steeps you in mother nature with every step you take. From its mountains (Petrópolis, Teresópolis) to its beaches (Arraial do Cabo, Búzios, Angra dos Reis), colonial cities (Paraty), and all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Rio (Tijuca National Park, Ilha Grande). The city immerses you in its stunning architecture, friendly inhabitants, and vibrant lifestyle. In addition, it’s certainly more than just its lively streets and sparkling Carnivals. Rio is also a city with rich cultural history and economic significance!

Rio city tour

Tijuca Park animals

See Rio

Rio offers you the splendor of nature at its finest. Undeniably true beauty lives in the beaches, peaks, ridges, and hills of the Marvelous City. Breathtaking landscapes, alluring tropicals, and exotic wildlife set in the shimmery backdrop of blue skies and the Atlantic Ocean. Rio welcomes you with arms open wide to one of the most resplendent and biologically diverse ecoregions of the world!

Experience Rio

In Rio, every story is a memory, every memory is an experience, and every experience is a unique adventure. Therefore, we at Itaway Ecotours invite you to experience Rio through wonderful nature, thrills, culture, and serenity. Hike spectacular trails in the marvelous Tijuca National Park. Conquer mountains such as the mystical Pedra da Gavea Hike and the gorgeous Telegraph Rock. Explore the breathtaking beauty of nature such as in the paradisiacal Ilha Grande. Take your travel experiences to new heights—and sparkling depths such as the world-famous diving spot in Arraial do Cabo—with the best tours in Rio de Janeiro. And, of course, everything is undoubtedly safe and at your own pace.

Pedra da Gávea hike

Our Missions

To strengthen the relationship between people and nature
To promote ecotourism for environmental conservation

To improve the well-being of the local people
To provide environmental education and immersive experiences

To maintain outstanding services as one of the best tour companies in Rio de Janeiro
To share what we love

We Value Our Partnerships!

One of our top commitments is to enter impactful collaborations with NGOs, organizations, and companies to bring about social and environmental change throughout Rio city and in the world at large.

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